Saturday, July 02, 2005

friday badminton

I played badminton together with pro, cora, donna, shen, cielo and belmond at The Zone near our school. We rented the court for 2 hours and for me it was still not enough; Maybe because it was just my second time playing badminton and my first time using my own racquet.

I bought a Prince Force 310Ti badminton racquet last thursday the day before the game. I was really looking for a Yonex racquet but to my dismay they were so darn pricey. So I tried to settle for the one racquet that would seem to call on to me... hehehhee.. nice way of buying things. Look at it intently and wait and see if it would call on to you.. hahaha.. That was how I got to own my racquet now. Unfortunately though I can't even find a single review for my racquet but in terms of gameplay I loved the swings and handle of my racquet.

I really had a nice time playing badminton and wish we could do this once every week.

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