Saturday, July 09, 2005


yet another rally for the resignation of GMA ensued in Paseo de Roxas and I think also in other parts of the country. I really am disatisfied with what's happening here in our beloved country. I mean, ok what if she resigns? Do you think it would do good? Who do you think would take here place?

Darn! I think we Filipinos abuse the meaning of democracy.

Democracy is not forcing someone to do something just because you can form a mob. Rallies won't do justice to what had happened. What's done is done. Let's just all hope that everything would lead to our country's stability.

As Mr. Arias always said "This country is going to the dogs!" and to my fear, it really is.


  1. wow topeng! now am hearing your side about politics! :)

    we always wind up with this kind of situation but we're never tired of it. when will we be satisfied? mahirap sa pinoy, gusto lahat instant. pag ayaw na sa taong nakaupo, gusto palit kagad. and its not supposed to be that way. i think we should change the form of government. democracy's plain bullcrap.

  2. tama! mas simple ang gobyerno pag ganun. :)

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  4. They're not really narrow-minded but because of greediness they act like narror-minded people to hide there own greediness either for power or money.

    I say, smite them all!