Wednesday, December 28, 2005

the beat

i once had this beat,
that could do any feat,
that would face any heat,
that knows no defeat.

but the beat was lost so sudden,
because of its own big burden,
all its rhythm was hidden,
supposedly to be forever forgotten.

then She arrived...
thump. thump.. thump...

once again the beat is alive...


  1. uy!!! seryoso na ba yan? kayo na ni *i*a? congrats congrats.

  2. congrats! sino yan?!

  3. tops pag may nag post nang Anonymous d2 sa blog mo ako un ha..

    para maging tama naman ung binibintang nang iba dyan..

    iba ha, wala ko binangit na name..

    cguro ANONYMOUS din.. wakokoko..

    mag Happy Horse na lang tayo!!!