Friday, December 16, 2005

goth fridays

Gothic batchmates

today is friday again, not your ordinary fridays but theme fridays!!!
T'was the day of Goth here at SPL and here are some gayish shots of yours truly as some say but it's not, really. To bad this is the last theme fridays for the year, oh well. Hope next year will be as good or even better as this year.

ripped from barokski

this is not a skirt! it's a kilt!

A Goat, Cult and Edward Scissorhands. Put them together and all you need is the sacrificial babe.

penguin on a kilt

that's all folks.

Also thanks to Neil for some of the photos. ^__^

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  1. yan lang yung matinong batch pic e! loko naman kasi yung nasa blog mo! Ulo ko lang ang kita! Dapat 2.... hehehehe.... wala lang....