Saturday, December 03, 2005

of year book, diplomas, transcripts and money milking students.

if i was not to apply for a visa, i won't still be paying for our yearbook, because i didn't have the cash and before, you still have to pay at our main school, which is in intramuros, which is far from work, which is overloaded, which is witch, sandwich!

my non-payment of the yearbook entitled me to a hard time of processing my transcript and diploma, which i payed 5 months ago.

In the end, after paying for the year book. My transcript was already processed and received it on the spot of payment.... but.. the hell.... they don't have my diploma for unknown reasons, which means I have to call them everytime for updates on my diploma...

and also the yearbook now cost Php1200. a Php200 increase!

on a lighter note, got myself to buy a mapua jacket!

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